"People often ask me what I do and for a long time I struggled with a simple answer, perhaps you've felt the same at one time or another. Put simply ...

I figure out what's unique about you and then we turn that into your business, life and legacy."

As an international coach, speaker, author, creator, and educator Dr Jessica Morrod specialises in creating days that change lives. She believes that the secret to business: life synergy lies in using what you already have to achieve what you want.

By uncovering the unique connections that tie skills, stories and experiences together she assists highly successful, driven people who want to Stop Working for someone else and Start Living their lives find and use their unique Genius.

Jessica herself has an eclectic background with many different threads. Her last ‘Job’ was as Head of Postgraduate Learning and Development at the University of Cambridge where she found and developed her love for uncovering hidden connections that made sense and changed the paths of peoples’ lives.
Focusing on the connection between brain, body, and business Jessica’s Genius lies in uncovering and creating unique businesses with a story because people buy people first. She believes the key to a great business and life strategy is to find and use your Genius so you can learn to let go and show up!


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