Still stuck in a rut? Spinning in circles? 

Willing yourself to just do it already? 

It's time to find out what's unique about you and turn that into your business, life and ultimately create your legacy!











Doors Open On 3rd October 2016

Join Now For Pre Launch Bonuses

The doors to Your Genius Equation course and The Birthplace of Genius community officially open on 3rd October! I know some of you will be raring to go and want to sign up early. So if you are ready to commit to finding and using your Genius I have something very special for you ... for the first 27 people to sign up before the doors open on the 3rd October you will get a bonus 1-2-1 call with me during the month of October to make sure you get started and get ahead. If that's you then click the link to JOIN NOW and I'll send you daily emails with more details about the course and what's comming next.

If you're not quite ready to commit yet and don't want to take me up on my offer of some 1-2-1 time with me focused on you, then pop your details below and I'll send you some more information and keep you posted about what you're missing.

The Course + Community I wish had existed when I began! 

The solution to Your Genius Equation is unique to you.

Why because only you have the combination of skills, stories and Superpowers that make you, you! 

You get to be part of:
A course: Your Genius Equation

Your Genius Equation is a course that takes you on a journey through the filters of your brain, your body and your business. You learn all you need to find and use your genius.

A community: The Birthplace of Genius

The Birthplace of Genius is the community dedicated to exploring, supporting and sharing your Genius. You get to learn and grow with people just like you!

Together they will take you step by step to create your Business, Life and ultimately your Legacy.