What's Your Kryptonite?

Uncategorized Dec 15, 2015

A little while ago a client of mine said ... 

“You’re so lucky to be a coach, you must have everything in your life and business totally sorted!”

You could have heard a pin drop …..

It’s easy to put coaches, trainers, experts, on a pedestal and think they have it all sorted. 

The truth is that maybe my biggest advantage and greatest challenge is that I know just how much more there is for me to work on …

… after all, even people who help people need help from others! 

You don’t have to be a coach to wear an invisible cloak and appear superhuman.

The thing is, as we all know, even superheroes have their weakness …. 

It’s taken a while but I've finally realised that my kryptonite is asking .. 

I'm so used to being the 'strong one' that asking for help, sales, money, support, ... cripples me!

I actually admire people who ask - I feel there's great strength in it! 

But, I've been telling myself it means being dependent, needy, weak, vulnerable but actually fragile.

Really, I fear being let down.

It's a defence I created when I was very young ... a child … 

I depended on people (parents, friends, family, etc) and then felt abandoned, ignored, let down, forgotten, unseen … 

… let down and disappointed because when I asked for help I wasn't heard or supported … 

I was told there are always people worse off that yourself ...

... so I chose to believe that was true and that I needed to rely on me to survive.

It’s all perception, a story I created to protect me. 

A story that once served me and now it suffocates my potential. 

I focused on becoming the survivor, the saviour, not sharing my feelings or emotion, just getting on and doing what was necessary ... sacrifice is the word that comes to mind.

Yet, I know it's necessary to ask for help, share my story, get clear and commit to who, what and how I serve .. share that, so others can help me.

I need to speak to people, stop hiding ... stop playing small and making excuses! 

To recognise the impact I can and do have.

I need to listen to what others say about how I've helped them AND ask them to help me.

Because if I don't I'll continue to struggle, ... 

... to feel like a failure. 

I’ll end up getting a J.O.B, 

and that would mean not serving those I can make a difference to, 

I’ll end up in a darker depression.

If I don’t face my Kryptonite, I'll shrivel up, hide under a rock and continue to feel numb. 

And then what of the people I’m here to help? 

They would not create what they can create… their lightbulbs would stay dimly lit, barely a glow … their Genius would stay hidden …. the world would be less of a place to live!

So what’s going change I hear you ask…

I’ve personally committed to a year to change my Business, Brainset, Behaviours, Beliefs and Body …

I’m talking total transformation in every area, to use everything I know and se to help others on myself …. 

Believe me I’ll need to ask for help along the way!

I know that having someone looking at your life and your limits from outside your own perspective is one of the best gifts you can give yourself …

… what gift will you give yourself?

If you know me, you’ll know that I strongly believe that We is better than Me….

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