Getting unstuck ... finding inspiration through creation ...

Do you find that when you most need the inspiration to create something that it just doesn’t come?

You just get stuck, blocked and the harder you try the more stuck and less inspired you feel?

Talking to a client today this is exactly how she felt and I can tell you it’s not the first time I’ve heard it by any means!

It comes in many forms, subtly different for each of us.  What is common is the combination of ‘symptoms’ we experience when we get stuck on what we are trying to create.

If you check in with yourself now and think back to the last time you felt stuck, the last time that you felt the pressure to create or produce something left you frozen, paralised and unable to think of a single step that would take you closer to what you wanted…..

I would say that your symptoms would show up something like this……

      • an uneasy, uncomfortable feeling
      • a blank mind that becomes full of voices
      • those voices saying not so helpful things about how you’ll never do it, you can’t create anything or that no one would want to see, read, hear, experience it even if you did….
      • I’d expect that you would find tension in your body somewhere
      • you’re probably breating in a shallow way in the top part of your chest,
      • and as the pressure to create increases so the symptoms increase, the voices get louder and more critical and that feeling of beeing stuck increases to helplessness to the point where yet again you just give up….. many will have given up long before this stage.

So how do you get from the pressure to create to inspiration through creation?

As the famous saying goes..”start with why”…

Why do you feel the pressure to create?

Is it because the outcome of creation is linked to something really crucial to you, your life, your survival?

Is it linked:

  • to your business and how you earn a living?
  • to your personal life or relationships?
  • into who you are – your identity?

Whatever your ‘why’ it is clearly linked to something that causes a threat response for you – more on brain science in another post but essentially if you try to do something that your brain percieves as a threat to your emotional or physical survival then it will stop you in any way possible from presuing that action – fight, flight or freeze!

The key is removing the threat. How do you do that? Well it depends on you and your situation but gettng clear on why this is a threat is key. Once you’ve got there then just reduce the threat level until you feel that creation is possible. One strategy that often works is to create something just for you – this removes the threat and concern around the judgement you may or may not recive over what you’ve created.

Start creating just because you want to for you, then, when you’ve got comfortable with the habit of creating for you, start to entertain the posibility of releasing bits of it to the outside world – to your audience, to make money, to make people smile… whatever the original purpose you had for the creation was.

Another key is finding your flow. That state where you are in the moment, wehre it becomes easy, efortless, natural.

      • When was the last time you experienced that?
      • What did it feel like?
      • What were the sensations in your body?
      • How were you breathing?
      • What was going throungh your mind?
      • What were you saying to yourself?
      • What was the environment around you like?
      • What temperature were you/your environment?
      • Where there other people around you wor were you alone?
      • What sounds were you aware of?

Knowing what it feels like to be in your flow state is the first step to being able to access this state at will.

The three keys to getting from pressure of creation to inspiration through creation are:

1) get clear about why you feel the pressure
2) focus on what the threat is and reduce it to a level where you can create (maybe just for you because you want to)
3) Find your flow state

If you want to know more about getting inspired through creation or just want to tell me how you got on or ask a question go ahead an post a comment below or connecting with me on Facebook

Go be inspired through your own creations.

Jessica x

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