Are You A Genius? Am I? What Is Genius Anyway?

Uncategorized Oct 11, 2016

There are a lot of people talking about Genius these days.

My fascination with Genius began in my early teens. Then I was looking at the classic forms of Genius as we recognise it now - Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, Edison, Isaac Newton ... you can tell I had a bias for Science back then!

I was fascinated by what made those people stand out, if they were the definition of a Genius then what was it that made them so?

How were they different from the rest of us who are not perceived as Genius?

For each of them it was slightly different. The things that stood out were:
• They were dedicated and focused on whatever they did.
• They worked tirelessly in the pursuit of something they believed passionately in.
• They were extraordinarily curious about the world and people around them.
• They believed in changing the status quo.
• They were not stopped by failure or challenge, that was an opportunity to learn more!
• They were determined to share their knowledge, their findings, their thoughts, their dreams even when others thought them to be crazy.

Of course there is more and I'm not sure I found all the answers or that it even matters to be honest.
You see what I was looking for was how I could be like them, how I could make my mark on the world. Looking back I was figuring out how I could create a legacy that would impact the world and what we believe to be true or even possible.

Perhaps you feel the same.

Maybe you want to leave your mark on the world, to impact the lives of many, to change the status quo.

How are you going do that?

It took me a while to figure out what my Genius was and when I did and I started to focus on it and use it my world changed. It opened up new possibilities. Created new possibilities that I never would have imagined. Things made sense and became natural and easy.

Your Genius lives at the intersection between your Stories, your Skills and your Superpower.
It is the thread that weaves through them, the connections that somehow make everything make sense.

The Stories of your life shape who you are and who you become.
The Skills you have developed and are yet to develop are the key to what you create.
The Superpower you have within you is what you do easily, effortlessly, naturally, which others are amazed by and you don't get why!

Find your Genius by doing an audit ... (and no that doesn't have to be boring - get creative) ..
I promised 3 ways to find and use your Genius so here they are ...

- What are the stories that define your life so far?
- What are the skills you have? Write down everything, even the little 'silly things' that you are able to do ... I bet there are more than you think
- Figure out your superpower ... not sure where to start, ask people what you're great at, what they admire about you, what they'd love to be able to do that you can.

If you know what your Genius is already then surely you want to use it more, don't you?

The first thing to do is make a list (or several), a mind-map, a wall of post-it notes whatever works for you. Put down all of the things you do in a day/week.

Which of those are in your area of Genius? So those are what you want to focus on!

Now here are 3 ways you can do that ...

- Create clarity and focus on what will be different for you and the world if you use your Genius. If you don't then you will never let go of the things that stop you using it now.
- Make space - Do, Ditch, Delegate ... for each thing you've put down decide wether you do them, ditch them or delegate them. Those who truly use their Genius know when and what to outsource in their lives and business and get creative.
- Talk and believe - You'l never use your Genius unless you share it. The biggest barrier to using your genius is believing you have one and making it your non negotiable, your focus, your purpose. To use it more keep it in your conscious mind, a great way to do that is to talk, write, create things that share it, use it, show it off.

My father always told me "do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life" it's what ran through my head when I left the world of scientific research and again when I realised I had more to offer than my last employment could offer me.

Find your Genius and use your Genius and life changes.

Jessica xx

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