And The Best Kept Secret Is ...

Uncategorized Jun 02, 2016

“You’re like the BEST KEPT SECRET” a client said to me … 

“You’re incredible, I’m totally blown away by you and yet hardly anyone knows about who you are and what you can really do”

“If more people only knew the impact you can have on their lives, their businesses and creating their legacy you’d be rich”… 

It was one of those lightening bolt moments … in a flash it had brought the stark reality of just how much  (or rather little) impact I’m having in the world right now into sharp focus. 

They weren’t the only person saying it … 

It had been like a record stuck on the same great track for some time … 

Repeating the same message over and over again in different voices. 

Have you ever heard something over and over again and not really heard it clearly?

Thing is I know just how impactful my coaching, teaching and training is when people experience it. Now  the question was how to get them to experience it in the first place?

My dad says that one of his proudest moments was when I read him a blog post I’d written. 

“WOW!!! with writing like that you will inspire and move so many people! You have a true gift. You must share it! It’s time to let the world know what you can do!” 

Strange that those words came from him about a blog post …. I had always looked to him for praise and approval through my academic studies but more on that in another post! 

Who do you look to for approval, validation and praise? 

What do you need the most reassurance for?


A couple of years ago I went on a business retreat in Thailand.  

I’d left my J.O.B at the University of Cambridge about 18 months earlier and then walked away form a business partnership with a great friend, mentor and inspiring leader in our field … the man who brought NLP and Coaching together.

My life had fallen apart, my short lived marriage over … as my family like to call it “my first marriage” accurate but somehow it was so short lived and felt like such a lie that really for me it almost feels like it never really happened. 

Anyway, there I was on the plane to this business retreat - ‘The GURU Project’ run by the ever inspiring Dax Moy. 

Six months earlier I’d qualified as a personal trainer …. yes, yet another piece of paper saying I had yet another skill and hat to wear!  

It was 10 days in Thailand with 15 personal trainers and yes that was, for me rather daunting … stories of how they’d look at me and if they’d judge me for being “out of shape” or rather overweight … all running through my head. 

Amazing the stories we tell ourselves really isn’t it? 

What are some of yours? 

How do they hold you back?  

The aim was to have an amazing time whilst building our dream business … I’d been learning all about marketing funnels, branding and how to get your message out there and I was still not clear so it seemed like the perfect opportunity … 

The trip was amazing and the GURU group are some of the people I hold dearest in my heart, mind and life - special bonds are created when you really delve deep and open up to a group of ‘strangers’ who become friends - a unique experience.  

I’ve been involved in running retreats and residential schools since I was 15 years old (yes that’s over 20 years!!!) so I knew what an impact they can have on those who jump in with both feet. 

A lot happened there … too much for now … 

One day on the beach over dinner (yes it was that good!) we were all talking about coaching and getting inside people’s heads to sort out what is holding them back … I knew I was good at that and I had shown it on the retreat. 

I shared one thing, something that had been a lightbulb moment for me when I first heard it  and then … 

“WOW Jess, you really are incredible, you have so much to offer, when you start to share whats in your head and the unexpected connections you make there will be no stopping you!” 

“The world needs what you have to offer”
“You’re like the best kept secret, it’s time to share your message, share your Genius”

This time it was Dax uttering those words … 

Well it seems that while I might be fairly intelligent, I’m also pretty dense about actually hearing (or believing) what others are saying to me about telling people what I know to be possible for them! 

How many times do you need to hear something before you decide to do something about it?

The truth is that I’ve known for some time that I was hiding my Genius, fear of failure, fear of success .. perhaps … it’s felt like I’m a caterpillar who has made their cosy chrysalis and is just waiting for the moment to emerge as a beautiful butterfly. 

As a wise person once told me … if you wait till you’re ready then you’ve waited too long! 

They say we teach best what we need to learn ourselves. 

I can honestly say that for me that is true more often than it is not! 

My clients are mirrors … every coaching session without fail I both share and receive wisdom that applies to  their life, business and legacy which I also make note of to apply to mine too!! 

So What’s the BIG SECRET? 

The BIG secret I’ve kept hidden is my Genius … the unique things I bring into the lives and businesses of those who work with me or my team personally, or those who take my courses and programmes.  

My commitment here and now to you (and most importantly to myself) is to release the secret … unlock the box it’s been hiding in and let the world know what is truly possible when you #useyourgenius.

I’m dedicated to ensure all the best kept secrets find their voice and change the world in some small or gigantic way. 

So what about you?

What’s you’re big secret?

When will you let it out for the world to see? 

How can I help?

I’d love to know … pop your comments below and let’s see what’s possible for all of us. 


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