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FREE eBook - Six Steps From Employee to Entrepreneur

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Genius Equation 12 month implementation programme

You’re probably thinking that this is yet another page about another course that you think you need but will ne...

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Your Genius Equation + The Birthplace of Genius

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Do you want to get unstuck and create a business, life and legacy that you love in 12 weeks?

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Stop Working, Start Living! (Course)

Today more people are choosing to go from employed to self employed than ever before. At the same time more small bus...

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How you can work with us ... which will you choose first?

Online Courses

Study what you want to, when you want to, where you want to and how you want to with beautifully designed, mobile responsive online courses.

Membership Sites

Ongoing support and development tailored to your needs. Members only resources including bonus content, webinars, online mastermind groups, interviews with Genius - learn from the pros!

Online Support Communities

We're not meant to do this alone. Inspire, Innovate and Implement with a likeminded community of people who grow and develop with their piers. Connect, Collaborate and Co-Create with a new support network.


If you love to learn in person events give you that opportunity. Drawing on over 15 years dedicated to learning development events are experiential, fun and energetic with content you apply immediately in the room. Delivered by Jessica or one of her trusted team of conscious collaborators you are guaranteed to leave with a new level of learning.


Take time away from your everyday life to immerse yourself in creating the business:life synergy you want. Intensive retreats run in luxury surroundings are the perfect way to get a way and recreate what is possible for you. With small groups you get the power of a mastermind group coupled with 1-2-1 coaching from Jessica and her team. What better way to transform your business and your life.

1-2-1 Coaching

Coaching is like walking alongside someone on their journey through life, business and relationships. As new paths appear the coach points out alternative ways, questions what's really happening and offers clarity, connection and choice. Jessica specialises in total transformation and legacy creation by helping you to Uncover, Unlock and Use your unique gifts - your Genius.